How many events do you run a year?
We aim to run around 5 events in each area across Scotland. Members can attend as many events as they wish.
Do I have to pay my invoice in a one-off payment?
We usually take full payment at the time of joining however we can be flexible if required.
Can I offer other members benefits?
If you are a member of the network you can offer benefits to other members through our member-to-member discounts.
What if I join the network after the renewal period?
Prices are worked out the nearest quarter (year runs April to April). If joining after the renewal period, fees will reflect the cost from the closest quarter.
Can you promote my business to companies looking to green their supply chain?
Through our member directory, any member, or indeed other business who is looking to bring in a new supplier with strong environmental aims, can look here and find your business listed.
Can I join as an individual?
We have a special rate for students and graduates who wish to join the network as an individual.