water footprint

International Water Footprinting Standard Formed

September 4, 2014

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has published a new standard on water footprinting known as ISO 14046:2014. Water footprinting is a form of environmental accounting which measures the amount of water consumed in the process of  providing a service, making a product or completing an activity. The tool determines where water related risks exist within a supply chain.

The new international standard comes at a time when water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource in a growing number of locations around the world. Water scarcity is appearing on the agendas of government bodies and large corporations as they recognise the economic impact that we are faced with if we do not effectively monitor and manage water usage. It has been estimated that the droughts in California in 2014 cost between $2.2 and $5 billion to the economy and resulted in a loss of 17,000 agricultural jobs. Economic losses such as this, demonstrate the importance of monitoring, measuring and managing water usage throughout the supply chain to reduce future water shortages.

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