national planning framework

National Planning Framework 3 Revealed

July 17, 2014

The Scottish Government have recently published the National Planning Framework 3 (NPF3) which outlines the long term development and planning policy in sectors such as transport, town centres, energy and infrastructure. The NFP3 focuses on supporting sustainable economic growth and the transition to a low carbon economy. The Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) explains how the developments will be delivered on the ground.

Within the NPF3, fourteen large-scale national developments have been outlined which centre around four key areas including:

  • Successful sustainable place: Regeneration of the Dundee Waterfront and Ravenscraig.
  • Low carbon place: Carbon Capture and Storage schemes in Peterhead and Grangemouth and increasing the capacity of pumped storage hydroelectricity.
  • Natural resilient place: Development of a National Long Distance Cycling and Walking Network and continuing the Central Scotland Green Network.
  • Connected place: Strategic airport enhancements and the High Speed Rail project.

Other plans include banning the development of wind farms on areas with National Park or other Protected Area Status, strengthening the regulations on onshore oil and gas developments and measures restricting hydraulic fracturing practices to areas where communities and the environment can be protected by the establishment of buffer zones.

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