world future council

The World Future Council reveals how we can achieve 100% renewable energy

October 6, 2014

Earlier this month the World Future Council, a German based company, released a handbook detailing the approach being adopted worldwide by forward thinking communities, to produce energy from renewables instead of fossil fuels. The timing of the handbook release coincides with the UN Climate Summit in New York and the Climate marches in New York and London.

The book illustrates how pioneering communities and cities, regions and states, national and island governments are altering the way they produce energy. The first step is believed to be, setting long-term political targets.

The key messages from the handbook are that renewable energy can: significantly reduce costs; mitigate risks and make countries more resilient; and create new streams of economic activity such as the creation of jobs. The final point made states that both rich and poor communities can share the benefits of the renewable revolution as demonstrated by the case studies in Cape Verde island in West Africa and Bangladesh.

Read the full handbook here